There are no "Facebook Killers" until Facebook is dead

I keep seeing references aruond the internet to the next Facebook Killer, because apparently building a social network that's supposed to take on Facebook is the cool thing to do these days.  That's all fine and dandy, but Facebook isn't dead, it's not even injured, it's still growing like crazy, and where I come from you're innocent until provel guilty, and nobody's built anything that can be accused of having killed Facebook yet.  In the news they use the word Allegedly when refering to a person who is beleived to have killed someone, but since Facebook is still alive, calling these attempts at besting the Social Network deosn't really work here either.  So what we have here are a bunch of competitors who are commiting compiracy to commit the murder of Facebook, but that doesn't have the same ring as "Facebook Killer", so I'm not expecting it to get picked up by the media or blogosphere.  

Stop measuring yourself by the competition.  You don't have to kill Facebook (or whoever your competition is) to achieve greatness, or to overpass that competition, you just have to build the great thing that I need.

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